Software & Platform Development

Working for many demanding clients our focus is on delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions and supporting our clients businesses. To this end we have invested significant effort developing our software development and project management methodologies, and our approach utilises build and release automation, cloud services and all the best bits from Agile.

Why you should engage our software development practice

  • We are the experts and we are professional
  • We will always propose solutions appropriate to your requirements that give long-term value.
  • Chapter create and manage products. We don’t sell software and move on.
  • We want to become your long-term development and advisory partner.
  • We believe small and agile is better than being big; thus we will limit our size to the requirements of our core clients, and ensure we recruit the best talent available.
  • Chapter works hard to develop an ecosystem of partners, suppliers and industry experts.
  • Where we utilise third parties, we will ensure that they are best of breed and match our service commitment and exacting quality levels.
  • Provide the best advice we can alongside day-to-day support & development work