Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android)

Chapter Media are experienced at creating mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices and across phones and tablets. We develop our apps in a cross-platform manner that optimises code reuse and minimises the effort and costs associated with tailoring each application for their propriety SDKs/Hardware.

Our platform approach to technical architecture means that we have ensured that our mobile apps share much in common with our ConnectedTV and Content Management solutions, meaning that our clients are often able to manage their web, TV and mobile applications from a single content management system and offer their users a unified user experience and user account.

This approach also means that our solutions are "upgradeable". Many clients start with a website, but add-on mobiel and TV apps at a later date, and we believe that it is important to understand the how the platform will evolve, and the costs that may be incurred, in future development activity.

Our background in the publishing and entertainment sectors mean that all of our apps are particularly strong in the areas of picture and video presentation and its associated content management and network delivery. Our specialist skills in ecommerce mean that we can help you to develop the appropriate mechanisms to monetise your apps.

We bring the same attention to detail and high software development standards to our apps as we do to all our software development activities. If you would like to learn more, or make an appointment to visit our London office, please get in touch.