Internet & Connected TV

ConnectedTV (internet connected televisions) is an exciting emerging channel and all of the major manufacturers have implemented firmware and SDKs that allow developers to create embedded and connected applications that run on their hardware.

Chapter Media are at the forefront of development for these platforms, developing for some major brands and working closely with the internal teams at LG and Samsung.

The challenges are, at this time, significant. There is little cross-platform implementation that works, and there are a diverse range of screens and functional capabilities within devices. Yahoo Widgets are a nice idea, but don't always allow you to create the best user experience, which demands access to a lower level of SDK on the device.

Chapter's approach has been to create our own development tools to aid cross-platform development and this toolkit is compatible with our mobile application development tools, meaning that we can create integrated applications across mobile/TV.

Currently we have applications available on Samsung devices for our own family of brands, and Filmbeat, and we have just completed a major project for LG televisions and a major publisher to have applications and content pre-installed and ready-to-go on all new LG Netcast TVs, worldwide, in 2011.

If you are interested in developing products or software for ConnectedTV, please get in contact and you can arrange to visit our London office where we can demonstrate this technology.

Our Experience

  • LG Netcast
  • Samsung
  • Yahoo Connected TV (Widgets)
  • Panasonic Viera Cast
  • Sony Applicast
  • Android
  • DLNA