Exhibitions & Events Platform

An unlimited number of websites, mobile and tablet apps and connectedTV apps on a single integrated platform.
Available as a complete managed service, including hosting, design, maintenance, support and training, or as a technology platform that can be brought in-house.

Our exhibitions and events platform is an extremely cost-effective way to create and operate direct to consumer and b-2-b websites and apps.


We provide an end-to-end service, from the underlying technology and hosting through to design and video production. As well as the core platform, you can select the additional services you need from:

  • content production incl. video, audiobook and ebook production
  • graphical design
  • user support and usability/accessibility
  • Ecommerce / Ticketing
  • Analytics and business intelligence
  • Selection of suppliers: CRM, PSP, Banking etc.
  • Business planning / operational support
  • Because we control the underlying system, any bespoke requirements or integrations can be accommodated.

Battle Tested

Our platforms and processes are battle tested on some of the UKs largest websites. We use modern techniques and lean processes to deliver scalable, secure, flexible
and cost effective solutions.

We taking coding standards, security and performance testing very seriously.

Flexible but practical

Our aim is to give you all the benefits of a platform as a service, - with reusable features and the cost effectiveness of large scale, with all the added benefits of having a solution that can be tailored to your exacting requirements.

Long term cost-effectiveness

As we invest in our platform, you can focus on investing in the content, design and unique feature-set for your sites – confident that each new feature you add can be used across your entire portfolio of sites.
We take care of worrying about software upgrades, security and scalability, and about creating a set of standard features that will service most of your needs.

You can focus on servicing your visitors and exhibitors, working with our design and development teams to create an experience that will attract and convert your audience.