We maintain a London-based core team who are experts in developing with Drupal 6 and 7, and have considerable experience upgrading and migrating sites from earlier versions of Drupal to the new version Drupal 7. Our Drupal experts have helped create and support internal Drupal teams in some of the UK's largest publishing companies. For an example of our approach to Drupal, please read our case study relating to the 20+ websites we maintain on behalf of Haymarket Exhibitions on a single Drupal platform.

Why use us for your next Drupal project?

  • Our team maintains high standards and a collaborative relationship with our clients.
  • We utilise very simple, straightforward and open approach to project management.
  • We are more than “just Drupal”, we have a wide range of capabilities and strategic relationships
  • We take a platform-based approach that is tailored to deal with the needs of publishers, high-traffic websites and cloud-based hosting
  • We maintain considerable "burst capacity" for very large projects with tight and long-lasting relationships with strategic partners in the UK and Offshore.
  • Most of the Drupal work we do involves co-sourcing and long-term relationships
  • We believe in delivering more than just “lines of code” we write software and help you write software that conforms to longer term platform objectives
  • We hire talented people and we create experts by nurturing our juniors

To engage with our Drupal team, please contact us.


Examples of our recent Drupal work

  • Our Drupal 7 platform currently powers all of Haymarket Exhibitions' websites in a manner that allows them to reuse functional components across all the sites and minimise operational and redesign costs.
  • http://raceonline2012.org/ is a government website which requires regular and rapid redevelopment to meet their objectives, and we adhere to a stringent SLA.
  • Raindance Film Festivals raindance.tv
  • Ultramarines