Technical and Solution Architecture

We are expert Technical Architects, having architected some of the UK's best known websites. We are very experienced in a wide range of technologies and industries, and across all phases of both software and platform lifecycles.

When we talk about Technical and Solution architecture, we meen much more than "a senior developer". For us, an Architect must have had real-world experience delivering an entire programme of work, end-to-end, and have both broad and deep knowledge across a wide range of solutions. Importantly, an Architect must be able to bridge the functional and technical specifications, and both advocate for particular solutions in terms that are meaningful to the entire business, whilst communicating with highly technical staff at a detailed implementation level.

Technical Architecture involves creating a strategy and framework within which your project, programme, or entire business operates. An architecture comprises both a technical plan for successful delivery and operation of systems and platforms, as well as a means of assuring quality and scope, with meaningful short, medium and long term goals and milestones. Whilst an architecture can exist at high-level only, the most effective use of a Technical Architect will be to involve them throughout your project to act as technical authority, ensuring that what you create delivers the target architecture at the appropriate levels of risk and cost.

For a single project delivering an ecommerce site, for example, architectural consideration will be given to the short and long term scope, the suppliers and methodologies, the choice of technologies (languages, frameworks, hardware/software), security, scalability and risk. For an entire organisation, the focus might be on creating an Enterprise Architecture, where longer term investments, business and operational models are aligned with preferred suppliers, detailed implementation plans and the creation of strategic and tactical business capabilities.

In all cases and at all scales, whether small or enterprise, we ensure that the appropriate architecture is targeted, and that it alignes with your business plan.

Engagement Model

Out engagement as Technical Architects and/or Technical Authority can comprise one or more of the following:

  • Technical Architecture Specifications - detailed technical specifications for technical staff
  • Detailed assessment of specific technology options, presenting recommendations in business as well as technical terms
  • RFP/RFI for suppliers and technology providers
  • Advice and planning for Security, and management of security audit processes and suppliers (e.g. PCI, Black/White box testing, ongoing real-time testing etc)
  • Advice and planning for Scalability, including planning for and analysis of soak, load, stress and spike testing
  • Technical Steering Meetings with delivery teams, including mentoring
  • High or Low level audit of deliverables (technology and documentation), often including functional testing
  • Scoping of new, bespoke or experimental technologies, including hot-housing